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Jim Rohn International

Jim Rohn International

Jim Rohn is deseased, but his message carries on through his website and

The site is dedicated to preserving Jim Rohn’s remarkable legacy and serving the sizeable community of achievers and students of his popular and timeless success philosophies. In addition to featuring exclusive content, the site offers life-changing resources from Jim Rohn, including his top-selling books, digital downloads, CDs, DVDs and more. Discover new ways to develop better success habits, manage your time, set goals, stay motivated, inspire your colleagues, invigorate your health and vitality, improve your finances, balance work and family, cultivate leaders in your organization, find your passion, live the life of your dreams or make a difference in other people’s lives.

Jim Rohn.com is operated by SUCCESS Partners, the publisher of SUCCESS magazine, and is part of the SUCCESS network of websites that includes http://www.success.comhttps://www.thewoodeneffect.com and http://johnaddisonleadership.com.

A National Treasure

For more than 40 years, Jim Rohn honed his craft like a skilled artist—helping people the world over sculpt life strategies that expanded their imagination of what is possible. Those who had the privilege of hearing him speak can attest to the elegance and common sense of his material. It is no coincidence, then, that he is still widely regarded as one of the most influential thinkers of our time, and thought of by many as a national treasure. He authored countless books and audio and video programs, and helped motivate and shape an entire generation of personal-development trainers and hundreds of executives from America’s top corporations.

Idaho Farm Boy Makes It

Born to an Idaho farming family in the mid-1900s, Jim was ingrained with a work ethic that served him well throughout his life. At 25, he met his mentor Earl Shoaff. And over the next six years he made his first fortune, yet didn’t get into speaking until he moved to Beverly Hills, Calif., when a friend at the Rotary Club asked him to tell his success story, which Rohn titled “Idaho Farm Boy Makes It to Beverly Hills.” His speech went over so well that he received more invitations to share it, and better yet, they started paying him for it. In the beginning, he spoke in front of college and high-school classes and at service clubs, before moving on to seminars in 1963, which launched him into the personal-development business. From then on, he became a trailblazer in the self-help/personal-development industry, impacting the lives of millions through his life-changing material.

His Influence Endures

Jim Rohn shared his message with more than 6,000 audiences and over 5 million people all over the world. He received numerous industry awards including the coveted National Speakers Association CPAE Award and the Master of Influence Award. Jim’s philosophies and influence continue to have worldwide impact.

Jim focused on the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect personal and business performance. His is the standard to which those who seek to teach and inspire others are compared. He possessed the unique ability to bring extraordinary insights to ordinary principles and events, and the combination of his substance and style still captures the imagination of those who hear or read his words.

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