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Ray Gebauer
Company - Anovite
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1. What did you do before network marketing and were you successful in that endeavor?

​At age 12, I had a successful early morning paper route and sold enough new subscriptions​ to win a trip to Disneyland

In 1976, the same year I first joined an MLM (Amway), I started building a Life Insurance agency be recruiting and training. Did that for five years earning over $50,000 per year.

A few years later in the late 80's, I sold insurance again and earned over $100,000 in a year and won a trip to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand

2. How were you introduced to network marketing and what challenges did you have to overcome when you got started?

​I neighbor knocked on my door selling Amway​ in January 1976. I did not have any training. I never recruited anyone. Years later, I rejoined twice (Amway), but never was able to recruit anyone

3. How many companies have you been involved with before you found your current home and what attracted you to this company.

​Over 50 companies since 1976. I discovered what should have been my final home in 1994, but was unjustly terminated in 2007 at the point where my group was over 850,000 people and earning up to a million per year​

What attracted me to my current company​ was the integrity and competence of the owner, that I believed in the product that was quite extraordinary, and the fact that it was good timing since the parent company was 25 years old, but just starting a MLM division

4. Did you have an opinion about network marketing profession before you decided to get involved?

​No. Never heard of it before I joined my first company​

5. What was it about (your current company) that made the difference for you and give you the feeling this was the one or did they all do that for you?

What made the difference for me​ was the integrity and competence of the owner, that I believed in the product that was quite extraordinary, and the fact that it was good timing since the parent company was 25 years old, but just starting a MLM division​

6. What was your strategy to insure that you would be successful with your company?

​Using my personal story and investing lots of time contacting people​

7. What was your biggest failure in life and the lesson you learned?

​I hesitate to use that word at all, especially in business. There are only results--labeling results as failure or success is 100% subjective. ​

​What I most regret is that I was not able to do what it took to prevent my wife, Carol, from dying after she had breast cancer. I was SO sure she would beat it--I was over confident and falsely believed that the "little" health compromises she was making would not make that much difference​. Plus at that time I did not have the financial resources to do more to save her life

8. Do you have trainers, speakers or others that have played a role in you growth and success in the business?

​Foremost, Jim Rohn. Listened to all his cassettes many times and attended many of his events. ​

9. How specifically do you build your business regarding personal recruitment, helping those in your organization, advertising, promotion, meetings, etc….?

​The old fashioned way of phone calls and emails and three ways. Used to do a LOT of recruiting and training meetings in Mannatech​

10. Is recruiting just a numbers game for you or are you particular about who you sponsor and what do you offer them and they in turn have to give you?

​Recruiting is a numbers game and sorting process on the front end, but once there is interest, it needs connectivity and relationship​. I offer my support and training

11. How do you duplicate other leaders like yourself in your organization that give you the best results?

​I haven't figured that out yet! they are easier to find than to develop.​

12. Do you use social media and how important is it to your business?

​very little​

13. If there was one thing you could suggest to someone just entering in the business what would that be?

​Find a mentor/sponsor who cares and is well experienced. CHOOSE your sponsor intelligently instead of enrolling with whoever happened to be the first person to tell you about it.​

14. Can you tell us about how you help people in your organization to be successful?

​Frequent contact by text and phone and conference calls. Believing in them, expressing that frequently, and recommending training and articles to inspire them. And of course 3 ways as much a possible. Currently working on creating a system that is 90% automated​

15.  What characteristic would your leaders say about you as to why they are glad to be on your team?

​That I am caring, passionate, devoted,  relational/caring, persistent, proactive, inspiring, encouraging and always available

16.  What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

​Getting the feeling of being happy and fulfilled knowing that I am helping people with theirhealth foremost, and with their personal economy. Long term, it's getting myself back to a high level of income again​

17. How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

Freedom and personal development​

18. What are your plans for your future?

​Allocating more time to public paid speaking​ and selling my books to a larger audience. I'm planning on having a million people in my downline as well

19. Based on your present monthly earnings as an MLM professional, what dreams are you living or able to do that you never thought possible?

​Based on the income I used to have, I had a beautiful house valued at almost 2 million dollars on Lake Sammamish​ in Bellevue Washington. I was able to write several books, create and conduct workshops nationally and internationally, and be free to spend my time based on what I believed would create the most value in the world.

​Now at age 65, I am in the process of doing that again​

20. Is there anything else you feel important to know about you?

​My purpose in life is always to create value--as much as I can for people, in their physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health​


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