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Don & Nancy Failla

Don and Nancy Failla have been married for 52 years and in Network Marketing for 48 years. They are well known all over the world and Don’s bestselling book The 45 Second Presentation has sold over nine million copies and is now in around 20 languages. www.45secondtools.com U.S. www.45second.com Europe. On the home page you will see Local publishers when you want to get the book in different Languages. The Failla’s have built an organization starting with four distributors to over one Million in just over 20 years. They train for all companies. They are totally generic Their web site is www.donandnancyfailla.com promo code is donandnancy. Click the flag at the top right of the home page to see the different languages. They are still actively building. They teach the fastest way possible to build your business.

1. What did you do before network marketing and were you successful in that endeavor?

First four years out of college I was an Agent, General Agent and State manager for an Insurance company. After that Nancy and I owned and international house of pancakes for four years. We were open 24/7 and had 35 teenage employees. We had three full days off in four years.That was a nightmare ! We did not own our Life.

2. How were you introduced to network marketing and what challenges did you have to overcome when you got started?

We were introduced to it by a friend we got to know in the restaurant. No big challenges because we had a sponsor that UNDERSTOOD the business.

3. How many companies have you been involved with before you found your current home and what attracted you to this company.

Four or five companies before getting involved with the company we have been with now for over 20 years.It is a solid company and has been in business for over 75 years.Great marketing plan, products and operating in 65 countries.

4. Did you have an opinion about network marketing profession before you decided to get involved?


5. What was it about (your current company) that made the difference for you and give you the feeling this was the one or did they all do that for you?

The longevity of the company and we had good sponsors to work with.

6. What was your strategy to insure that you would be successful with your company?

Don’t talk about the vehicle first. People do not need a vehicle if they do not know how to drive it. We find out what a person wants then show them how to get it.100% of the people in the world do not UNDERSTAND Network marketing and 80% to 90% of the people in it do not UNDERSTAND it. When they read my book they will understand it and we coined the phrase now they know how to drive. We never talk about our company or products until the prospects know how to drive. If you do they will think you are trying to sell them or get them to sell for you and 95% of the people do not want to sell.

7. What was your biggest failure in life and the lesson you learned?

Being with a company that one day decided to go sales and get out of network marketing. We went from $25,000 a month to Zero overnight.

8. Do you have trainers, speakers or others that have played a role in you growth and success in the business?


9. How specifically do you build your business regarding personal recruitment, helping those in your organization, advertising, promotion, meetings, etc….?

We do not recruit people into our business. We sponsor them. Sales people recruit and most of them never make it. This is a sponsor and teach business. You have to duplicate. You are only duplicated when the person you sponsor is three levels deep. ur formula for success is very simple. Let the tools do the talking for you and MAKE A FRIEND AND MEET THEIR FRIENDS. We have never advertised. Meetinsg are antiquated. We meet with our people on Skype.

10. Is recruiting just a numbers game for you or are you particular about who you sponsor and what do you offer them and they in turn have to give you?

As said above. We do not recruit people. Sales people recruit people to sell for them. We sponsor people so we can go to work for them. It has never been a numbers game for us.This is sales talk. We only do network marketing.

11. How do you duplicate other leaders like yourself in your organization that give you the best results?

Help them get three levels deep. Teach them how to use the tools to do the talking for them. Also how to use their sponsors.

12. Do you use social media and how important is it to your business?

It is of zero importants .I am still waiting to even know of someone who has built a large business using social media. Here is the key phrase. THAT HAS LASTED They bring in thousands of people over night and most of them are gone in two to three months. Think about it. Anyone that would sign up under someone they never knew or met will be on to the next hot deal they see. They could be gone within two weeks.

13. If there was one thing you could suggest to someone just entering in the business what would that be?

Get a job. Unless your spouse is going to support you while you are getting started or you have enough money saved up to live on for a year or two while you are getting started. I refer here to Napkin presentation number four. It teaches you that your business is like a building and you cannot see the building until you dig the foundation. You will not make a lot of money while doing this. The only way you will make money today in any company is sell your products or services. You cannot sell enough to pay all your bills and put food on the table.Besides, when you are selling you are doing nothing to contribute the foundation. You do not have to like the job, because you know that once the foundation is built and the building comes out of the ground you can quit your job. You have a light at the end of the tunnel You have hope.

14. Can you tell us about how you help people in your organization to be successful?

We teach them our simple system. We can teach a new person enough information in less than fifteen minutes so they can start sponsoring and building their business. It is like we give them the key to the vehicle and they can get started right then going down the freeway sponsoring and building their business. While they are doing it they can learn all about it. The people who are trying to teach their people to sell have to lift up the hood and take the engine apart and put it back together again before they can even talk to anyone. That is why it can take them weeks or months before they sponsor their first person.

15. What characteristic would your leaders say about you as to why they are glad to be on your team?

They know we understand the business and can teach them how to be successful. We teach them how to use the tools to do the talking for them. We teach them HOW TO OWN THEIR LIFE.This is having time, money, health and Fun. Most people do not know anyone that has all of these. Young people if they are making $70,000 to $100,000 a year have money but they do not have time. Their health is okay. Older people have time but they are running out of money and their health is shot. Simple question. HOW WHOULD LIKE TO HAVE TIME, MONEY AND HEALTH AT A TIME IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU CAN ENJOY IT? We wear a pin which is a constant reminder about OWNING YOUR LIFE.

16. What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

We love what we do. Teaching and helping people to OWN THEIR LIFE.

17. How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

Since we OWN OUR LIFE we can do whatever we want to do. We have Money, Time and our Health and we have FUN every day. Check out our private resort at www.faillavilla.com Sleeps comfortably 14. Bring your leaders for a retreat. We are only several minutes away so we could meet with your people.

18. What are your plans for your future?

Keep doing what we are doing and Support our grand children. We have two granddaughters that will be world class tennis players. Jessica is now in her second year at USC. On a $350,000 scholarship. We want to continue to go to most of her matches and this means traveling the world again.

19. Based on your present monthly earnings as an MLM professional, what dreams are you living or able to do that you never thought possible?

We are doing everything we ever wanted to do. We have already been on 88 cruises and traveled the world several times. Going on another cruise the middle of next month. We recently got back from Moscow, Poland, Philippine’s, Taiwan, Japan and Copenhagen. Doing training seminars and we want to do more in the future. We own two homes 6,200 square ft each plus Failla villa and have no mortgagees

20. Is there anything else you feel important to know about you?

As mentioned in the beginning we have been married for 52 years and we think it is very important the husband and wives work together. Nancy Supported our family for three years when we first got started while I was figuring it all out. When we do seminars after my presentation I introduce her by telling the people the difference between my presentation and hers is I talk to the brain and she talks to the heart. She is very Inspiring and Motivational. You should have seen her in Hanoi in front of 4,500,

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