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YOUNGEVITY President and CFO Dave Briske on using Plants for Wellness

YOUNGEVITY President and CFO Dave Briske on using Plants for Wellness
YOUNGEVITY   President and CFO Dave Briske  on using Plants for Wellness


How HempFX / Youngevity has evolved into using Hemp and CBD for their wellness products.

The rush into hemp and CBD wellness products in the past few years has been remarkable. This has been in part driven by a slightly more favorable regulatory environment, in addition to interest in holistic medicine that doesn’t involve pain pills, which were a direct cause of the current opioid epidemic. HempFX is a product on the market that looks use plants as conduits for better health and performance. They have four main products. Soothe, for muscle restoration and relief, Uplift, to boost your mood, Hydration, to do exactly what it sounds like and then Relax, which aims to give you a better night’s sleep. We spoke with, David Briskie, President and CFO of Youngevity (which owns HempFX) / HempFX to learn a bit more about the business, how it works for camping and how the products have been made.

What inspired the creation of HempFX?
HempFX is a mere extension of our founder's 60 year old philosophy that plants (and the nutrients naturally found in plants) are the body's most healing nutrients and are the essence to true health and performance. For over 20 years, since our company's inception, we have been the leaders in extracting and utilizing the most potent nutrients in plants and developing great products, HempFX was a natural evolution for us once Hemp/CBD became well understood and researched.

How long has HempFX been in business?

The HempFX line took 2 years to develop and we introduced the (3) initial products at our annual convention in August 2018. Youngevity has been in business for more 20 years.

Do you have brick and mortar stores or is it all online?

We sell all of our products on-line and through individual distributors. We are a network marketing company that focuses on relationship marketing to promote/distribute our products.

How is HempFX environmentally progressive / sustainable (if, at all)?

We only use organically grown Hemp in our products and our extraction methods are completely recyclable.

Who is your target customer?

CBD/Hemp is appropriate for all ages and health statuses. However, our products are currently targeted for those individuals that have issues with nerve/muscle/joint issues, sleep/rest-relaxation problems, and for cognitive performance/mood.

What makes HempFX different from other CBD brands?

Our products use CBD that is derived from Hemp Oil grown organically, extracted through a specialized, patent pending distillation process, and then combined with specific complimentary nutrients that enhanced their intended benefits. You can find more of these comparative/competitive at: www.hempfx.com

Best product for Hikers - HempFX Hydration Tablets - made with 25mg of pure CBD, you can drop into your water bottle and have a great tasting hydration beverage that has 25mg (very optimal) of CBD.

Any current or upcoming sales, new products to look out for, etc. you'd like me to mention?

No current sales promotions at this time.

Please feel free to share, in your own words, anything else you'd like to get across to our readers.

Hemp-derived CBD oil and the benefits of CBD is in the news all the time and we have a consumer base who is hungry to learn more about what cannabis is and what marijuana is vs. hemp derived products. The HempFX site was originally created as an education tool to get consumers up to speed on what this product is and that our products don’t have psychotropic effects. The demand was so great on the site and people wanting to learn and understand what hemp-derived CBD oil is that we were asked to make the site transactional and conduct business on it.

In under three weeks we sold more than $400,000 of our CBD products. That’s a big number in a short period of time and there was no advertising spent on it. Just word of mouth. This product was clearly exciting, and we continue to grow in this market.

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