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What to look for when selecting an MLM Opportunity to save time, money and frustration.

What to look for when selecting an MLM Opportunity to save time, money and frustration.
What to look for when selecting an MLM Opportunity to save time, money and frustration.

By Mark Spivey

By Mark Spivey.


Just because a MLM business emerges and describes itself as the "best opportunity of the century" does not necessarily mean it is so.

In the midst of the genuine are many scams or poorly managed systems.


Below are questions to ask when choosing an MLM that will help to save you time, money and disappointment.


1. Is the management and marketing methods (and product) ethical as far as you are able to research? (you can also check out their credibility online through independent sources such as mlm watchdog).


2. Has the company been running for at least 2 years and are they an established leader in their field?

What is the history behind the company and their track record?


3. Does the company have a unique product which is consumable, of high quality and produces positive results. (A good question to ask yourself and others around you is "Would I use this product or service myself oven if it wasn't part of an MLM?)."

Is the product or service in an emerging/expanding market with excellent growth prospects and are you going to be at the beginning of this growth rather than towards the end this when sales will flatten out.

(As Mark Twain said :" The secret of success is to find out where everyone else is going and get there first.")


4. Also does the product have a strong brand name, and stand out from the crowd, or is it just another soap or shampoo that someone could purchase at a supermarket?

(One reason why many MLM owners struggle is due to the problem of market saturation where too many of the same or similar products are available for the customer and there is now no "room" for "another toothpaste").

(Note pyramid schemes usually don't have a product at all, or a very poor one).


5. Is the compensation plan "seamless"

(ie you only need to sign up in one country but can market worldwide).This is particularly important if you don't want to limit your income.


6. How much product do you need to sell or use yourself in order to make money?

A good MLM won't require you to buy boxes and boxes of product in order to make sure you qualify for commissions. (There is nothing more frustrating in MLM than to have a garage full of vitamins or detergent you aren't using or selling fast enough, but have to order every month just to get paid on products you do sell).

A good MLM rewards you according to what you sell, not what you buy.

(A good rule of thumb is 1 to 3 retail customers since this is fairly easy to achieve).


7. How much does it cost to get started? Can I start on a shoestring budget?

Can I build my business over time and upgrade if I want to?

A good MLM should be flexible and enable you to get started regardless of budget and time.

In fact one of the appealing factors of MLM is it's relatively low start-up cost compared to - say, a franchise.

Prices vary (be aware that cheap to join does not necessarily mean the best MLM, nor does expensive - again keep it in context and do your homework).

If you are paying an entrance/joining fee or the like (ie a package). you should be getting something for your money such as sample packs, advertising material etc.

Also if you are paying a monthly fee you should expect something more than just "administration" (In my own MLM my monthly fees include websites, and a number of other services so I'm actually getting valuable items that add strength to my business and consequently a profit).


8. Does your MLM provide you with a decent online presence?

Remember this is what many of your potential customers will see.

Is the website comprehensive, easy to read and has good presentation?

Is it equipped with the right tools and is it managed properly?

Do you have access to an "Admin centre" where you can keep track of sales, customers and commissions?

Can you access and change your contact /payment details if you need to, and is there technical support?

What about online sales aids/artwork and samples?


9. Do you get paid regularly? (ie weekly or monthly)

Frequent checks encourage new distributors and replace finances spent starting the new business.


10. Does the compensation plan include dynamic compression?

(That is when some distributors don't qualify for all the commissions does the money go to the distributors or back to the company?)


11. Do distributors receive regular updates and news about the company sales and development each month and does it reveal growth or decline.


12. And finally...

Is it "You"?

Do you like the product and feel comfortable with everything?

Are you able to get answers when you ask for them and are your emails replied to promptly (taking into account different time zones?)

Do you have a vision for the future and look "long term"?

Are you a "people person"?

Are you willing to work to achieve your rewards?

Remember to do your "Due diligence" and consider the opportunity carefully before joining

You'll be spending a lot of time building this business so don't be "railroaded" into any MLM by an enthusiastic prospector because of pressure.

Weigh up the facts first and then make your decision to go for it.


I trust these tips will help you in choosing the right MLM for you and wish you every success.




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