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What does an average MLM or Network Marketing Distributor make per year?

What does an average MLM or Network Marketing Distributor make per year?
What does an average MLM or Network Marketing Distributor make per year?

I remember getting this question in my first year.

I was doing pretty good, but flying by the seat of my pants.

The only thing I had going for me was my attitude because my knowledge was non-existent.

It’s not like I wasn’t playing with a full deck; I didn’t even have a pack.

So when a prospect asked me what the average MLM distributor earned per year, I had to think quickly.

This was something else I wasn’t so good at.

Now, I’m not addle-brained, but I did trip over a cordless phone once.

So, here I am, thinking about this question, and you have to imagine this, how it was.

It was after a meeting. We had something going on in a hotel, and the big presentation was over.

My upline said get your guests in a circle, and ‘close ‘em.’

He was talking to a couple of giggling college girls off a ways, so he was as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

I had 5 guests.

They were now sitting in a circle, with me facing them.

I was trying to answer their questions and keep control of the group.

As one person was asking me something, the others would lose interest and talk to each other.

Until this question came up

As soon as it came from this one guest's lips, everyone shut up and looked at me.

I’m thinking, then I remembered to repeat the question back, and use that time to think of an answer.

“Does anyone else want to know what the average distributor earns in MLM?” I ask stupidly.

Oh just great, now I had everyone’s attention, even those not in my ‘circle,’ four or five other faces turned our way to listen in.

I’m thinking, ‘Average distributor, average distributor… what would they make? Nothing much here,' I think to myself, suppressing a smile… then it hits me.

They’re all looking at me, and I say boldly, ‘I don’t know what the average MLM distributor earns, but I can tell you here in this company, they don’t earn anything.’

Now everyone is looking at me.

“Average just doesn’t cut it in our company, honestly. If you’re thinking average, it won’t work here. This is not for average people who want to put in an average effort, speak to people in an average way, follow up in a very average way, and find other average people like them, looking to put in an average effort.”

‘No, I can tell you right now, this ain’t the place for average. Come on, you were here tonight; you saw the people earning above-average incomes, north of $10,000 per month, and some really mega unaverage incomes. That’s what you’re interested in, be honest. So, for that kind of money, it takes an unaverage effort, a serious commitment - so that we spend our time training you, working with you, and with those you sponsor because we know you made an unaverage commitment to success. So, if you’re looking for an above-average income, you’re in the right place. If you want to have an average lifestyle, don’t sign up; just go home.’ and I passed him our application form with a pen.

I signed up 3 out of 5 that night, and another 2 joined that were in someone else’s team, who had overheard me.

It was at the next meeting that one of the top people came over to talk to me. He’d been in for a while and was one of the top producers.

He took me aside and told me he liked my answer, regarding ‘average distributor.'

But he told me there is a real answer, and we are not hiding it.

Next time you can tell people the real answer, as well as speak about the difference between an average effort and an above-average effort, he said.

He asked me if I had heard of the DSA?

‘Sure,’ I said, ‘it’s the Direct Sellers Association, and our company is a member; we say it in the presentation all the time.’

'That’s right,' he said.

And it’s not an easy group to join.

It’s pretty exclusive and hard to be a member.

They protect our industry, and they protect our customers.

Their whole reputation is based on them being pretty tough and very forceful when it comes to ethics.

So you can take to the bank anything they say because it’s researched, verified, and tested.

Now let’s get to the question that guy asked you about ‘what the average MLM distributor earns.’

‘This is the actual answer, right from their website,’ and he showed me a page in his binder:

It said:

The median gross income for a direct seller is about $2400 per year, or $200 a month. This figure is consistent with one of the major motivations for getting involved in direct selling – supplemental income. About 8% of direct sellers earn more than $50,000 per year.


I was blown away.

I really had no idea.

Here I was always promoting the crazy income – sky-high $10,000 a month and more – and yet, there was clearly a group of people, the majority, who were building a very good part-time income.

I was promoting the big money because that was what excited me.

I just learned that there was another group of people out there that were seriously in need of an extra $200 or so a month.

Just learning the truth about what an ‘average’ distributor was earning showed me a whole new market for my business, and it opened a lot more doors.

So don’t forget this valuable lesson.

We networkers offer a valuable contribution to those who desperately need a part-time income, as well as a vehicle for extraordinary wealth.

Let’s go out there and show people what we offer, and be proud of what we do.


David Williams MLM Author

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