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The Christian model for Network Marketing success

The Christian model for Network Marketing success
The Christian model for Network Marketing success

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The bible may hold the key to wealth building. No, I'm not talking about some mysterious Davinci code. The bible is a lot simpler to understand than most people give it credit for.

An excellent example of this is in the correlation between the development of Christianity and the building of a successful network marketing business. Lets take a look at how these two seemly different activities have much in common.

Start with a vision

In the early stages of the Christian movement something was set in place that has endured the test of time. A great promise for a better future, a grand vision so powerful that millions have laid down their very lives to protect it.

As Network Marketing leaders, it is important to realize that the strength of the vision determines the strength of the followers. A weak vision and the first obstacle faced will derail many.

But set a grand vision, one that is so powerful, so compelling, so magnetic that you can breath excitement into the life of others, and you have the key components for persistence, courage and success.

Any business, especially Network Marketing, requires persistence to overcome obstacles, and the courage to face rejection and adversity. A grand vision of the future fuels persistence and courage.

Network Marketers using this philosophy must keep a few things in mind. Number one is that you must begin building the "Grand Vision" early on. In fact, the very first thing a prospect should set their eyes on is their own unique vision of a better future. In order for that to happen you must be aware of their vision. Strategic questioning will lead to the discovery of your prospects unique vision.

Don't assume that you know what your prospect wants. Do they want to quit their jobs? Travel around the world with their family? Devote more time to a favorite sport? Contribute x amount of time or money to a worthy organization? Become a missionary for their church?

Dreams and visions vary as much as people. Find your prospects vision early on and learn how to link their vision to your business and you will have the master key to recruiting.

The next thing to keep in mind concerning vision is to have a constant and deliberate sustaining of the vision. As a leader, you are responsible to guide the focus of your team. Always begin by setting a grand vision. However, setting the vision is only step one. From there you must help maintain and sustain the vision. The easiest way to do that is to constantly remind and deliberately talk about their vision.

Encourage them with every step forward. Every accomplishment, no matter how minor, should be used to re-enforce their vision. Show them how they are getting closer to their goals. Constant encouragement leads to team members that are loyal, hard working, persistent and focused on accomplishment, an excellent formula for success.

Become a master storyteller

Jesus was a master storyteller. By so being, he was able to capture the attention of a great multitude of people, many times simultaneously. The gospel is full of historical details that are evidence of this skill.

Today we know that people hate to be sold but they love to buy. By learning how to transform your sales dialog into specific targeted stories you immediately eliminate sales resistance. At the same time you capture the mind's of your audience. Which in turn allows them to sell themselves. The easiest sale you will ever make is when the prospect sells themselves on your product or service. Stories have the power to do just that.

What stories should you use? Personal experiences and testimonials, on both the product and business are powerful persuaders. People like to hear things related to their personal situation. Therefore it would behoove each of us to collect a wide range of stories pertaining to both the product and the business. Having access to a collection of targeted stories allows you to customize your persuasion according to the prospects wants and needs.

Know who to spend your time with

As great and powerful as the Christian Message was Jesus knew that it message would not be accepted by everyone. One story tells us that a young man approached Jesus and said, " Master I wish to follow you." Jesus replied, "Take everything you own, sell it. Give the money to the poor and follow me." Quickly the young man changed gears and hit reverse.

What's interesting to note is that Jesus didn't make that request of any of his other followers. That's leads us to believe the Jesus may have seen something in this young man that compelled him to test his true desire.

As Network Marketers we too must have the foresight to see where and with whom our time is best spent. The facts are that many people claim to want a better future. Many people claim to desire financial freedom. Yet the average American family watches 7 ½ hours of TV daily.

You can easily weed out the prospects from the suspects by setting the record straight from the beginning. For instance, a good question to ask is, "would you be willing to invest two hours a day into your business?" That one question will separate the boys from the men.

Focusing your time and efforts on only those that are truly serious will free up your time to build a solid team of business builders, not baby sit dreamers.

The power of twelve

The original twelve disciples were the foundation for the greatest network organization the world has known. That core group of twelve was responsible for touching and transforming the lives of billions worldwide. This is a great example to follow when we are strategizing for our core group.

Searching for and developing twelve key leaders provides a cushion for the inevitable dropouts. In Network Marketing attrition is a way of life that cannot be ignored.

A huge mistake most Network Marketers make is to base their core leadership group on the compensation structure set out by the company. For example, if your program dictates four members in your frontline, don't stifle your core group at just four. Reach a little further to secure and over compensate.

A little research will prove that the top earners in this industry started with a foundation of 12 to 14 core leaders within their group. An important distinction to note is that not all of your recruits will fall in the category of core leaders. It will take time and effort to reach this formidable goal of twelve leaders.

However, having these key leaders focused on business building will lead you to huge financial rewards. It will be well worth the effort.

Teach your leaders to teach

The great teacher, once he had his core group of twelve, spent much of his time teaching his disciples how to teach. This is the perfect formula for massive duplication. Once you go through the time and effort to gather your key leaders, you must then shift a major part of your focus to the development of duplication. Teaching teachers to teach is the most valuable aspect of your Network Marketing success. Following this simple model of success creates enormous residual incomes.

In the end we see that success leaves clues. The foundation, development and growth of Christianity may be the perfect example for Network Marketing success.


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