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Chapter Excerpt from How to Build A Multi-Level Money Machine

Randy Gage is the leading Expert in mlm training, direct marketing, self-development and personal achievement. People around the world attribute their success to Randy Gage MLM training materials and his MLM training seminars.

Randy's book, "How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine" has sold millions of copies and is the number one MLM training book on the market.

"If getting to the top of your MLM business is your goalthen read every word in this book, and then read it again." --Jan Ruhe, MLM Master

Below is an excerpt from "How to Build a Multi-level Money Machine" on MLM training.

Step OneThe Pre-Approach

This is the qualification stepthe one that determines whether you have a suspect or an actual prospect. This can be done simply with qualifying questions, or qualifying questions combined with a pre-approach packet. This packet would include materials designed to screen out people who are not good candidates for the business. (Well look at this in more depth in the following chapters.) Pre-approach means before the approach. In other words, this step will determine whether or not you would approach them about the opportunity at all.

Another way to do this is with a brief mini-presentation. This is a quick overview, usually about 30 minutes or less, to see if your candidate is a serious prospect. This is usually done one-on-one in a non-threatening environment (example: in the prospects kitchen or at a coffee shop). When you first begin, you should do this as a two-on-one, which means you and your sponsor together presenting to your prospect. This can also be done in a small group meeting in your living room.

In either case, the interested prospects would be given a specific set of materials to study, which is usually called a take-home packet. This packet would have a breakdown of how money is made in the business, along with some supporting materials on the products, usually a brochure or catalog.

Step TwoThe Presentation

This is where the prospect takes a second look at the presentation, which is usually at a larger home or hotel meeting, but it can also be done one-on-one. Like all steps, there should be a clearly defined set of specific materials (the Follow-up Packet), which should be given to the prospect. This is usually more detailed information than the previous packet.

Step ThreeThe Follow-Up

This step might involve getting the prospect to another, bigger presentation (like a large hotel open meeting), or simply bringing one more packet of information to the prospect and encouraging them to make a decision. Check with your sponsorship line. In either event, the packet of information and the procedures followed should be exactly the same for every distributor on every level.

Step FourThe Enrollment Process

This is the step that takes place after the prospect says yes, and is ready to become a distributor.

NOTE: This can happen at step two, or step three. Each prospect comes in at his or her own speed. Its important that even if a prospect is ready to join at step two (thats great!), you can still expose them to the information in step three to preserve the integrity of the system.

Like our other steps, the enrollment process should be completely spelled out, step-by-step. The training that you receive should be the same, exact training that someone on your 25th level, five states away, will receive when joining your organization.

These four steps are the foundation of your system. No matter which program youre in, it should generally parallel this process. Again, though, check with your sponsorship line for specifics. The later steps of the system will vary more greatly from program to program. They involve managing organizational growth and developing leadership skills. Well explore them in more depth in the Building Depth and Leadership Strategies chapters. Well also flesh out the specifics of these first four stages, and Ill show you the rest of my generic system in greater detail in the following chapters.

Overall, however, visualize a system as a complete, step-by-step process that anyone who joins your organizationwhether theyre a doctor or waitress, Ph.D. or high school dropoutcan duplicate. It means you should be able to fly to a city 3,000 miles away work with someone on your 50th level that youve never metand be teaching the same principles and specifics theyve been hearing from the person whos on your 49th level.

Why is this so important?

Two reasons. One, for your benefit. Two, for your organizations benefit. Let me explain.

The reason a system is so important for you is that it ensures walkaway residual income. When you have a system in placeyou no longer remain essential to the process. Even if you disappear, the system keeps perpetuating itself.

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For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy's How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing series is the #1 selling album in direct selling history. And his "Escape the Rat Race" audiotape has introduced the industry to millions of prospects all over the world. For more resources and to subscribe to Randys free ezine newsletter, MLM Leadership Report visit www.randygage.com/cgi-bin/assoctrac/at.cgi?a=167299

CONTACT INFO: Randy is available for background information, interviews and profiles on the Network Marketing industry. He can be reached through Prime Concepts Group, Inc. at 1-800-946-7804 or (316) 942-1111. Rights to reprint and reproduce this article are granted as long as it includes the full last paragraph tag line complete with web links. For questions about this article contact Alicia Gregg at email [email protected] or Prime Concepts Group at 316-942-1111.

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