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By the very nature of the Direct Selling business model, distributors work their businesses remotely, what's today referred to as "remote work."

A "remote worker" is someone who works outside of a traditional office. They might work from home, from a coffee shop, or from anywhere that is not a traditional company office.

As Direct Sellers, we practically invented the "remote work" trend. We also invented the growing "distributed team" trend. A distributed team means a company's "workers" are not geographically near each other.

As Direct Sellers, we work "remotely" and build "distributed teams." Both concepts are baked into our culture, it's how we do business.

Now the rest of the world is catching up. And this is great news for those of us in Direct Selling. The pie is getting bigger. Remote work 👩🏻‍💻 with global distributed teams will become dominant and widely accepted.

ACTION STEP: It's time to add phrases like "remote work" and "distributed teams" to your presentation. It's what people are looking for, so let them know your Direct Selling company offers both!

Let's dig deeper...

The number of Americans working from home 👩‍💻 full-time has nearly tripled over the past 20 years. And this trend is rapidly accelerating 📈 globally 🌎... and poised to explode.

Three "Direct Selling" growth trends:

  • TREND 1: An ever growing number of people will seek to become "remote workers" and to work on "distributed teams." This means more people will be open to looking at joining your Direct Selling business.

  • TREND 2: This growing number of "remote workers" will have more time and flexibility, making it easier to add a "side gig" to their existing job. Again, Direct Selling is perfectly positioned for this growing trend.

  • TREND 3: The technology sector continues to build fantastic consumer facing apps and corporate side SaaS (Software as a Service) products specifically geared for this growing trend of "remote workers" and "distributed teams." Apps like Zoom, Slack, DropBox, Over, WhatsApp, Telegram, Notion, Twist, Hive, Focuslist, Forest, Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Nozbe, etc. At Mastermind 2020 we'll have workshops geared specifically around these types of apps and how to maximize them for your Direct Selling business. Get your Mastermind 2020 tickets today, prices go up February 1st. (And if you're on the corporate side, we'll have sessions specifically geared towards exciting SaaS products for the corporate side).

Remember, the trend is your friend.😊

Let's look at two more Direct Selling friendly trends, one is a mega-trend...

The above slide is 1 of 58 slides from my keynote presentation last week at the Direct Selling Legal and Compliance Summit.

MEGA TREND: People who have an income + a side hustle.

Every year millions of people are adding a "side hustle" business to their existing job. This trend is fueled by technologies that allow for flex-based "remote work"; remote work that you can do around your free time. Think Direct Selling. Many will turn to Direct Selling to fill this need.

The future of remote work is trusting people, empowering people and focusing only on outputs, on results. What does this sound exactly like? Yes, Direct Selling. People are actively seeking this type of business model, and many will find it in Direct Selling.

People think "remote work" is about technology or Slack or some WeWork co-working space. Those certainly help, but this transformation trend is 80% about people and culture, which is exactly where Direct Selling thrives, and were we have a distinct advantage.

There’s a great deal of discussion about “remote” being the future of work. To take it a step further: Remote is the future of everything. Education. Medicine. Fitness. Experiences. Relationships. Community. The technology is finally cohesive enough — and in the future VR (virtual reality) will simply accelerate this trend. And again, this fits the Direct Selling narrative perfectly — as long we as leaders in the field and those of us on the corporate side are open to adapting, to taking advantage of all the new Lego blocks offered to us (refer to my Mastermind 2019 talk about Lego Blocks).

Finally, one more trend to consider, one that again favors Direct Selling...

Face-to-face meetings, even brief ones, appear to cement personal connections of trust to an extent not achieved by even years of contact through phone calls, emails, text discussions, Zoom calls, Facebook interactions or chat; this appears to be true in almost every context.

I've been thinking a lot about this especially in the context of remote work, and specifically for Direct Selling. Even remote teams enjoy huge productivity gains when everyone comes together quarterly to cement real human bonds. At Mastermind we saw several case studies of this: from Dana's Masterclass on "Retreats" in the Leadership Symposium; to Julie's insightful panel into the Lambda School model; to just the overall feeling of "family" felt by the faculty and attendees at Mastermind.

Bumping Up...

In Direct Selling, we are at the frontier of human organizations and bumping up against each other in real life, not just virtually or remotely. In this high-tech world, events bring people much closer together, even if they’ve been talking online for years. Meeting in person deeply humanizes the relationship.

The best event organizers in Direct Selling know this and design for it.

Questions for you to consider today:

  1. Are you utilizing events/retreats/etc enough in your team, or is there room for improvement?

  2. In what ways are you enhancing your events to accommodate for this growing need/trend?

To summarize on fully distributed remote work: It’s the first time in human history that people can get amazing jobs or start businesses regardless of their location. Jobs and businesses they can take with them should they decide or need to relocate. Combine this with free and vast knowledge on the Internet (like the Free Forever Mastermind Academy available to all Direct Selling distributors worldwide), and we have something that gives everyone equal opportunities regardless of location. We live in amazing times.

Here's to our profession, and to your success corey!


PS: Cities are products. When someone leaves a city because of failing schools, high taxes, crime, or financial burdens, they are returning one product and buying another. People return Chicago and buy Denver, return San Francisco and buy Austin. A growing challenge is when someone can’t leave a city because their job locks them down. They want to exchange something broken for something that works for them, but their work don’t allow it. That’s one reason why remote work is so attractive, and why Direct Selling will continue to grow more attractive to millions of people: Freedom of mobility.

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