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Normally I don’t like to dwell on a negative, but at the same time, if someone is your navigator and they don’t want to mention you’re heading for a cliff because you might be unhappy, well, let’s just say you better hire a new navigator.

It’s the same for being a mentor, nurturer, parent or leader.

There are times you must be serious with your team, and yourself.

So, today I want to cover a key M-L*M or network marketing path to disaster if you fall victim to it.

It’s called ‘motivating’.

When someone in your team has problems, they don’t need motivation, they need you to show them where their problems are and then show them a training path for the solution.

How do you do that?

I’m going to show you something I learned in my first year that was such a powerful tool to reverse downline problems that I was totally awed by it.  It helped my team so much, earned them and me 10 times what we were earning prior to me putting it into practice.

Prior to learning this tool, whenever one of my team came to me saying ‘David, it’s not working for me’ I’d give my usual motivating speech, reselling them on their ‘why’, their dream, the big picture, the size of the industry, about how going back to a JOB was just NOT what they wanted’.  This worked for a few days, but it did not last.  A few days later they were still suffering from whatever problem they had.

And I’m a good motivator!

Usually, they did not know what their problem was, and neither did I.  Giving them a hot dose of motivation was great for a day or two, but then they were back to square one. 

So, what did I learn and what changed my approach?  And what works so well when you or a team member has a challenge in the business that can increase your earnings by ten times?

It’s finding out what the problem is and prescribing a curative.

Sounds easy, but it’s not, without using the following method to find the problem.

I’m going to make it simple, but you can break it down further if you need to.

First, set up a meeting with your team member that has the problem.

Now, when you set up this meeting with this person, tell them you are going to find and solve their ‘why it’s not working for you’ problem.  Assure them of that.

Be sure you have them bring their daytimer (if they are old school) or laptop (and meet where there is Wi-Fi so you can log into their back office, or if it’s an out of town or out of country member of your downline, use Skype or Zoom, and have them share their screen with you).  You will see why soon.

Now, at the meeting, you explain you are going to pinpoint the problem, offer a solution, and they will find success.  Explain you aren’t going to sell them on anything, that this is a REAL business meeting, not a motivational one.  Tell them ‘that by the end of this meeting YOU will know what you are doing wrong, and you will know how to correct that action.’

To me, that IS motivating!

First question is to have you team member look at their records and go through them and add up how many leads or prospects they had in the last 30 days.

Often, they will redden, but have them give you a definite number.

You will learn right here if his prospect numbers are really low, that is the problem right there.  They are in lead scarcity, not lead abundance.  You can show them the number of leads you go through and get them on a new recruiting system or lead source to answer this problem.  If this is the problem, you skip to the training/change part of this method, below.   

Next, if the number of leads is solid, you want to see how many of those prospects went through the first stage of your ‘system’, (could be an opportunity meeting, conference call, webinar, whatever you do in your company as your first main exposure).

You are looking to see how good your person is at getting a prospect to a call, or to a meeting.

Now, if the number of leads is high, and they contact them, and still can’t get them to attend a presentation, you know they are not yet proficient on the phone.  They need training on how to speak, present, their confidence on the phone, etc.

Put them on a training for that.

If they can’t even reach their leads, you know they are either lazy or those leads are junk.  You can determine that, and act accordingly, (better leads, or explain to your team member they will have to prospect their leads, not wait for their leads to call them, lazy people have lazy bank accounts).

If these factors are solid, i.e. leads and getting people to presentations are high, your next step is concerning their follow up skills.

How many prospects did you follow up with?  If high, move on, if low, prescribe a training on how to follow up.

If they follow up and don’t make enough sales or sign ups, then you know they can’t close well, and you can set up a training on closing for them.

Just keep going over your own system, finding if the numbers are high, and the action taken on the numbers is a quality one.

If the numbers are low, they need more leads, if the conversions are low, they need to get better at a particular part of building an M-L*M business, (prospecting calls, follow up calls, closing calls, etc.). 

I’ll bet there are trainings in your company for each of these areas that you can have them tap into.  I don’t mean you should be doing one on one trainings to deal with any of these things.  If you find you must do the training yourself, you should do it as a group, either in a classroom setting or on a conference call and record it for those who need it later. 

Or, invite a guest trainer, someone in your upline or sideline that is 
good at whatever it is that your people need.

Sometimes a different voice from yours works better – no one is a prophet in their own village, (an expert is someone with an accent – i.e. someone different).

You can return the favor as a guest trainer for their team.  Just be sure they only train on what you need, not a ‘different’ system or something that will confuse the issue.

This is another reason for you to never stop recruiting and building.  When you see or meet with your team member, show them YOUR numbers, let them see what YOU do, this is what we mean by leading by example.

Know your numbers and know the numbers, or ratios, of your key team members, and you will always know where bottlenecks are.

Happy Recruiting!

David Williams

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