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MLM Success Tips | How Important Is Company Management?

MLM Success Tips | How Important Is Company Management?
MLM Success Tips | How Important Is Company Management?


MLM Success Tips to help distributors build their MLM Business are found in Pillar One.

Pillar One: MLM Company upper management who have built a successful business of their own in a MLM corporation with integrity.

If an executive were considering a position in a Fortune 500 Company, would he/she be concerned about the upper management? Why is it different when joining a MLM Company?

Case Study: I am interested in an upper level management position of the Fortune 500 Company called General Electric. My research prior to taking this position consists of the following:

a) Talking to one of the territory representatives I have been buying light bulbs for my personal use for about 2 months.
b) My representative is really great. He talks highly of the company, gave me a generous discount, and sold me great products. I love the products and believe there are no better light bulbs on the market today. I will use them forever.
c) I reviewed the company literature the MLM Company designed prior to joining.

Like many new distributors, I did not understand the importance of the corporate management of my first MLM Company nor how to obtain true MLM Success Tips designed to help me build my business my own way. I did what most of us do and LOVED the products, trusted my upline, and signed up.

I have since learned if your corporate leader has not built an MLM organization of their own, they will put the corporation before the distributors. The MLM Company that hires leaders from the traditional corporate setting with no MLM background will have different goals than someone who has built an organization.

MLM Success Tips: Everyone should know where to look for good solid information regarding their MLM organization. Without Pillar One, there will be no need for any of the other four pillars. Pillar One is the foundation of a great MLM organization.

The first pillar of a good MLM Company is corporate leadership who has built a successful MLM organization as an independent business owner. Why? They have walked in the distributor's shoes and will only enhance the company, compensation plan, and policies and procedures.

Consider these MLM Success Tips:

Traditional corporate mentality and MLM corporate mentality are two very different schools of thought.

1) A MLM Company with leaders who have built an MLM business WILL only enhance the compensation plan and policies and procedures. Because they have been where you are, they value you as an independent business owner and understand the concept of true residual income, long vacations and retirement.

Things NOT found with these companies:
a) Items in the policies and procedures or compensation plan that do not benefit the distributor.
b) On-going requirements affecting retirement or requiring distributors to be responsible for each independent distributor in their down-line.

2) A MLM Company with leaders from the traditional corporate world who have never built a MLM organization will look at your $20,000 per month check while you are on your 3 month Hawaii vacation and resent paying out that money when you are not working! They have an employee mentality, with You being the employee while they receive the perks of upper management.

Common things FOUND in a MLM Company without Pillar One:
1) Requirements of ongoing training
2) Communication
3) Monthly retail receipts

You are now a commission only sales rep with no benefits. Can you ever retire? Most people interested in the MLM Industry do plan to retire eventually.

MLM Success Tip: Pillar One is crucial to every distributor's MLM Success in this industry. Give it due consideration when choosing an MLM Company for a home.

Brenda Bunney is married with two children. She is a successful network marketer who believes anyone can be successful with the proper tools and mentoring. She enjoys helping others empower themselves with the network marketing skills they need to build a successful business.


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