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Is Network Marketing Hard?

Is Network Marketing Hard?
Is Network Marketing Hard?

Is Network Marketing hard? That's the $64,000.00 question isn't it? So lets talk about this…Network Marketing vs lets say busting your butt for 40 hours a week, for 40 years, and get maybe 2 weeks off a year to take a vacation to somewhere you probably really don't want to go but the J-O-B doesn't pay you enough to take the vacation you really want, so you "settle" on somewhere you can afford then it's back to work, busting your butt again and all of this for what??? To retire and collect a Social Security that may not even be there by the time you can retire???
Let's talk about Network Marketing vs. oh I don't know, having to tell your kids "no we can't afford that" or telling your spouse, "maybe next year" or your kids wanting to spend more time with you but you always having to say "I'm tired, I've got to work in the morning, maybe this weekend" Does any of this sound familiar to you? And if it does, what are you going to do about it?
Keep plugging away at some dead end job building someone else's dream instead of building your own? Or maybe you have a Great Paying Job, and you make lots of money, but in order to make that money you are a slave to your job. You leave when it's dark in the AM and you get home after dark in the PM. Is that treating yourself and your family right? Is that the lifestyle you want? You may appear on the outside to have the lifestyle, the big house the fancy cars but you are working like a dog to have it.
OK so now lets look at Network Marketing, see most people do Network Marketing everyday, they just don't get paid for it. For instance, have you ever gone to a great movie? Of course you have and what did you do? You told all your friends and co-workers, family whom ever about that movie and how great it was and to go see it! Right? Well did the movie theater turn around and pay you a commission for telling all of those friends and family that went and saw the movie because you told them to? No of course not, but that's Network Marketing. We've all been doing it since we were probably 5. Sharing with friends what we like, promoting something we thought was really great and getting no profits for doing it. But Network Marketing allows you to do just that, get paid for telling people about something you like with a company you're partnered with.
Now lets talk about Linear and Recurring income. Linear is probably what you have right now, you go to work you get paid, you don't go to work you don't get paid. Let's take the bus driver, they drive the bus they get a paycheck, they stop driving the bus they don't get a paycheck. Even a Surgeon for instance has Linear income, he does surgery he gets paid, he stops doing surgery guess what? Yup he doesn't get paid. So even if you have a great paying job like a Surgeon it's still Linear income. At the beginning of each month you are starting from $0. Now Recurring income on the other hand, you do the work once, you do it right and you keep getting paid for it over and over again. Examples of recurring income are the Author who writes a great book like J.K. Rowling the Harry Potty writer, she has recurring income. Or Michael Jordan any product he endorses because he was a professional athlete he has recurring income. Or even Elvis, he made all those great records years ago, yes he's dead now but his daughter gets his recurring income. They did the work right one time and are getting paid for it over and over again.
So, when my friend told me this same story about Linear and Recurring income, I got really excited until he got to the part about who had recurring income. I was thinking well I'm not an Author or a Professional Athlete or Singer. And that's when my friend said….Don't worry there's a way to make recurring income for people just like you with no talent! I was like "Great!" While I was still trying to decided if that was an insult or a good thing, that's when my friend told me about Network Marketing.
I am a Professional Network Marketer and very Proud of it. I'm also a Home Business Coach and Mentor for people looking for a home business and for people who are already in one and struggling. So is Network Marketing Hard? Compared to what I spoke about above I don't think so. Does it take time? Yes, any company telling you that you'll make millions in a week or two or that you don't have to do any work that it's totally automated with massive "spillover" is a LIE. Yes Network Marketing takes some work, but you do it right and you get paid. So maybe the first month you get to $200 or $500 but you start the next month knowing you're already going to be getting paid that for work you already did and you just keep on going. I'm here to help anyone that would like help, whether you're in a business or you're looking for one. I can help.

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