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Insider Secrets: How the Pros Build a Large MLM Group

Insider Secrets: How the Pros Build a Large MLM Group
Insider Secrets: How the Pros Build a Large MLM Group

Insider Secrets: How the Pros Build a Large MLM Group

Well it happened again today. I checked my e-mail, only to find a message from someone I havent heard from in years. What does she ask me? If I want to join her MLM program. (Sigh.) And can I give her the names and phone numbers of my friends, family and employees who could buy her products? (Double sigh.)

And you have to wonder...will these people ever learn?

Its much like the calls I get at my office. They tell Lornette that they have an urgent consulting or training project, and must speak to me right away. I call them back to hear something like, Hi Randy, my name is so-and-so, we met a few years ago at the MLMIA convention. (Ive never been to an MLMIA Convention.) Im working with XYZ Company, and I just wanted to touch base with you and blah, blah...

And its always the same. The consulting project or business venture they want me to evaluate, means to sign up as a distributor on their front level. They often say theyre returning my call, are old friends of mine, or some other outright lie to get past Lornette. Theyre worse then the dammed toner and light bulb salesmen. They just dont get it.

Badgering prospects...

The people who make at least $10,000 a month in Network Marking on a consistent basis, never do such silly stuff. They never use dishonest or duplicitous means to reach people. They dont spam people over the Internet and theyre not cold calling some idiots on a business opportunity list. They dont alienate everyone they know, and they arent chasing skinny rabbits. They are talking to qualified prospects, and getting quality appointments to make quality presentations.

Lets take a look at the marketing process something I think a lot more people should think about a lot more. Heres why...

Most people approach marketing as selling. And selling as getting the dumb prospect to buy something he doesnt need. So they devote their career to learning NLP, sleight of hand, and a host of other manipulative techniques to coerce prospects into buying things they dont want or need. Anthony Robbins and a legion of little Tony wannabes have created an entire cottage industry teaching people to do this. Many MLMers have jumped into the fray, bringing these and other high-pressure sales techniques into Network Marketing.

These are the jackasses who call during your dinner hour, opening with lines like, Jim you dont know me yet but Im working with an opportunity so amazing, blah, blah (Scream)

I approach marketing entirely different...

I have no interest in trying to sell something to someone who doesnt want it, and I suggest you dont either. True marketing is based on a simple - yet quite profound philosophy:

Were looking for people...who are looking for what we have.

Put into more specific terms it means this: Our job is to identify qualified prospects then put our marketing message in front of them. Give them enough information to make the right decision for them.

If that means they join your opportunity or buy your product, good. If it means they dont, thats good too. Your job is not to sell your opportunity or products to those that dont need or desire them.It is to find the people who want what you have and give them enough information so they can decide if getting it from you is a fair exchange of value.

Sorting, not Selling...

Network Marketing is much more a sorting process, than it is a selling business. It is this fundamental difference in philosophy that separates me from the multitudes of sales trainers, marketing gurus and book authors out there. I take no perverse pride in selling ice cubes to the Eskimos. I am not here to prove my manhood by demonstrating I can manipulate or trick a guy into buying something he doesnt want, or cant afford. Theres no integrity in that.

I do take great pride, however, in presenting my marketing message in the best, most effective manner possible to qualified prospects. I want to outsell, outmaneuver and out market my competitors, but I want to do it by offering a better value. Then I want to market that better value better than anyone else out there. And thats what I want for you...

What the Successful People Do...

For more than 15 years, Ive been studying what worked and what didnt, in Network Marketing. Learned what the long-term successful people did and why. Discovered the secrets of effective presentations, and what motivated prospects to join. And began the rudimentary forerunner of what became the system I teach today. It was only then that I began to achieve any degree of success. But it wasnt lasting...

While I was able to conduct meetings, make presentations, and sponsor a large number of people...most of my distributors could not. The more people I sponsored, the faster they seemed to drop out. What I did worked, but it didnt duplicate. I came to realize that success without duplication is merely future failure in disguise.

I went back to my system and fine-tuned it, simplified I, and made it easier to replicate. It not only worked, but it duplicated as well. It is that system (with continuous refinement) that has helped many thousands of people, all over the world, reach higher levels of success in Network Marketing. It is that system which I shared in the first edition of my book, How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine.

The book can save you much of the frustration and failure I faced. Building upon my success, you can cut many years off your growth curve and build your network much faster. Youll learn what attracts prospects to you, and how to present to them effectively. Youll discover the kind of people you want to sponsor, and whom you would be better to screen out in the pre-approach process.

Once youre well educated in the sponsoring process, you will learn how to manageand keep growinga large network. How to spend your time, how to develop leaders, and how to counsel them. Most importantly, youll learn how to empower those leaders to develop new ones. By the time you finish reading the book, you will have a clear understanding of a fundamental, profound truth about Network Marketing: You dont grow your network. You grow your people - and they grow your group.

My hope is that youll view Network Marketing as the professional career it has become, and will join me on my mission, which is to continue raising the standards of this honorable profession.

Unlike corporate Americawith its downsizing and rat-eat-rat competition Network Marketing offers you the opportunity to nurture and empower the inherent talents in all those you sponsor. In this business, success means the chance to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and financially, while you contribute in a positive way to others.

As you undertake this journey of challenge, adventure and growth, you will attract others who share your vision and follow your example. You will lead them for a short timethen release them as they unfold into leaders and start the process all over again. You will feel pride, joy and a sense of accomplishment few ever experience. You will know that what you do means somethingand that your community is a little bit better place because you have contributed.

Building a large, exponentially growing network is not easyits not supposed to be. It is simple, however. If you are coachable and persistent; if you really believe in yourself, and are willing to follow a step-by-step systemyou really can achieve massive, lasting success in Network Marketing.

But you wont do it with cold calls, Spamming and those other irritating techniques we talked about earlier. You do it with solid marketing, following a system that others can duplicate, and running your business in an honest, straightforward way.

What a System Looks Like...

Your system should completely delineate and spell out the entire process that a distributor will follow: from where to find prospects, how to approach them, how to sponsor them, and how to train them to reach the higher pin ranks. (For the sake of simplicity and your understandingI use the term pin ranks to mean people who reach the top levels of your compensation plan, whether theyre called Diamond Directors, National Vice Presidents or Master Coordinators. The name comes from the fact that distributors receive a pin upon achieving these ranks.) Each stage in this process should be clearly defined and taught to the distributor at the appropriate time.

Heres a breakdown of the steps that might be included in a system. This is not meant to be the be-all, end-all. If fact, your system may be quite different. I offer this example, so you can see the kind of structure Im talking about.

Step One The Pre-Approach...

This is the qualification step the one that determines whether you have a suspect or an actual prospect. This can be done simply with qualifying questions, or qualifying questions combined with a pre-approach packet. This packet would include materials designed to screen out people who are not good candidates for the business. (An example is my Lifestyle Freedom Pack.) Pre-approach means before the approach. In other words, this step will determine whether or not you would approach them about the opportunity at all.

Another way to do this is with a brief, mini presentation. This is a quick overview, usually 30 minutes or less, to see if your candidate is a serious prospect. This is usually done one-on-one in a non-threatening environment (example: in the prospects kitchen or at a coffee shop). When you first begin, this should be done as a two-on-one, meaning you and your sponsor together presenting to your prospect. This can also be done in a small group meeting in your living room.

In either case, the interested prospects would be given a specific set of materials to study, usually called a take home packet. This packet would have a break down of how money is made in the business and some supporting materials on the products, usually a brochure or catalog.

Step Two The Presentation...

This is where the prospect takes a second look at the presentation, usually at a larger home or hotel meeting, but it can also be done one-on-one. Like all steps, there should be a clearly defined set of specific materials (the Follow-up Packet), which should be given to the prospect. This is usually more detailed information than the previous packet.

Step Three The Follow Up...

This step might involve getting the prospect to another, bigger presentation (like a large hotel open meeting) or simply bringing one more packet of information to the prospect and encouraging them to make a decision. Check with your sponsorship line. In either event, the packet of information and the procedures followed should be exactly the same for every distributor on every level.

Step Four The Enrollment Process...

This is the step that takes place after the prospect says yes and is ready to become a distributor. NOTE: This can happen at step two, or step three. Each prospect comes in at his or her own speed. Its important that even if a prospect is ready to join at step two (thats great!) you still expose them to the information in step three to preserve the integrity of the system.

Like our other steps, the enrollment process should be completely spelled out, step-by-step. The training that you receive should be the same, exact training that someone on your 25th level, five states away, will receive when joining your organization. (See my Get Started training materials)

These four steps are the foundation for your system. No matter which program youre in, it should generally parallel this process. Again, though, check with your sponsorship line for specifics. The later steps of the system will vary more greatly from program to program. They involve managing organizational growth and developing leadership skills. (I explore them more deeply in the Building Depth and Leadership Strategies chapters of my book.)

Overall, however, visualize a system as a complete, step-by-step process that anyone who joins your organization whether theyre a doctor or waitress, Ph.D., or high school dropout can duplicate. It means you should be able to fly to a city 3,000 miles away work with someone on your 50th level that youve never met and be teaching the same principles and specifics theyve been hearing from the person whos on your 49th level.

Youll notice this doesnt involve any of the dishonest and obnoxious practices we discussed earlier. Your system should focus on identifying qualified prospects, educating them, and letting them make the right decision for them. A lot of people ask me how this type of system works today, in a more competitive environment. The answer is, better than ever! In fact, prospects today are so jaded today, so assaulted, and so skeptical, they are completely turned off by the high-pressure techniques. The kind of honest, easy marketing were talking about is very attractive to them.  

- Randy Gage

Develop your recruiting and prospecting skills with Recruiting 101, Building a Big Network Fast-Six audiotape album and 20-page study guide by Randy Gage.

 For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy's How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing series is the #1 selling album in direct selling history. And his "Escape the Rat Race" audiotape has introduced the industry to millions of prospects all over the world. For more resources and to subscribe to Randys free ezine newsletter, MLM Leadership Report visit www.randygage.com/cgi-bin/assoctrac/at.cgi?a=167299

 CONTACT INFO: Randy is available for background information, interviews and profiles on the Network Marketing industry. He can be reached through Prime Concepts Group, Inc. at 1-800-946-7804 or (316) 942-1111. Rights to reprint and reproduce this article are granted as long as it includes the full last paragraph tag line complete with web links. For questions about this article contact Alicia Gregg at email [email protected] or Prime Concepts Group at 316-942-1111. 

  Copyright MMIV by Prime Concepts Group, Inc.

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