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is a sacred cow to networkers – and it's killing us.

I was listening to Dan Kennedy the other day; he said, "Rule 1 - Find out what your competition does for its marketing. Rule 2 – DON’T DO IT”.

Not because he’s against copying others, but because 99% of the competition is doing it wrong.

Now, I know it's old school to think of others in MLM as the 'competition,’ but for the purposes of my message today, let’s just use that term.

So, the rule again is DON’T do what the other networkers are doing.

Makes no sense?

Duplication is sacred, right?

Ask yourself this:

Are 99% of networkers successful?


No, but they follow what the others do because that is the safe way to work.

After all, it's duplication.

Well, I’m here to tell you to NOT work safe.

Safe is never the spirit of the founders of our industry.

Safe is not about success or being an entrepreneur, i.e. a risk taker.

If you want the success that the 5% to 20% have, don’t follow the 80%.

If you are not successful, I know your upline will tell you must change your attitude, get more ‘no’s,’ pay the price, and on and on – that is true to the extent that if you do have a bad attitude, you must change it – but to me that is a given.

If you are on this list, you already have a great attitude.

Let’s consider lead capture pages.

I look at 99% of them and find them ugly, offensive, and a giant turn off.

So greedy and far-fetched.

Like who would opt in to a page promising (or implying) that you will be on a yacht, carry a roll of cash as thick as a congressman’s bankroll, and solve all of your problems by just offering your email address?

Not only that, over half of networkers are women, so why does the guy on the yacht have 3 half-naked girls with him?

Who would opt-in?

I’ll tell you who opts-in – other networkers wondering what the heck this is, or weirdoes who have no desire to work.

Those aren’t leads; they will drive you out of the business.

Now, if you are setting up your own opt-in form, you may decide to look at your competition.

Look at what is out there – and 99% of what you will see is that gaudy, tacky, ugly stuff.

Pages that would only appeal to a scammer.

Yet, you may be tempted to think, ‘Well, I guess I'd better do the same thing. After all, if everyone is doing it, they must be right.’

This is failed logic.

Especially since you know 99% of networkers are not really as successful as they want to be, and all will tell you that they have crappy leads!

Of course, they have crappy leads – those leads come in from crappy sites.

Remember the old programming rule for computers: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

So, what do you do?

First, look at your competition.

Second, do the opposite.

Follow your gut instinct.

If you think that landing page is ugly, it is.

Simple, plain, and direct is best.

What do you think works better in an email newsletter or autoresponder?

Fancy HTML – you know, color emails with pictures or boring-looking text emails like this one?

I can tell you the color looks nicer, and the text ones pull more.

99% of people use color HTML emails.

Follow the 1%.

Another personal story:

Lately, I have been working on LinkedIn.

Some of you know me in a few groups there.

I’ve been there for a while.

I have been lurking there, watching mostly.

99% of the attempts at recruiting are so in your face and tacky that I can’t understand why others duplicate these efforts.

There was one post from someone seeking to join an MLM which cost nothing because he had been ‘scammed’ before.

This was his post:

“Are there any true businesses that don't require fees? If not, what is the catch? And if there is, is it affordable? I have been scammed before many times in the past, and I, like many who feel the same way, want something that is legit. If your business is legit, then please let's connect.”

A leader would not attempt to recruit this guy.

Who would want him?

But so many people answered him back, bringing their opportunity down to the lowest level.

Free or valueless.

I answered back too, but it was not what he expected.

My point is this:

99% try to recruit each other on LinkedIn, and 1% write constructive help, praise, and ideas into posts and groups.

That 1% are building up a list, slowly, that will ATTRACT recruits.

Now attraction marketing is a whole other message, but just for this email, if you do the opposite of the herd, you are bound to do right.

Lesson: If you think you are right, in your gut, you probably are.

Trust yourself; I do.

All the best for you and your business,

David Williams MLM Author

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