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Are your ideal prospects killing your business?

Are your ideal prospects killing your business?
Are your ideal prospects killing your business?

Are your ideal prospects killing your business? Yes. Here’s how.

The first rule in marketing is to understand the needs of your prospect/client/customer/user, etc.

If you want a social work term – it's empathy.

Being able to step into the mind of another.

A writer can do this for her trade, just as a good hair stylist can.

Good networkers do this well – and often don’t even know it.

There is a training I do about how to figure out your ‘ideal prospect,’ or as I like to call them, your ‘ideal recruit.’

I have heard people do this training, calling it ‘your ideal distributor avatar,’ which is pretty cool.

I wish I'd thought of that!

So, what’s the big mistake?

OK, here’s the mistake that is killing gals and guys out there.

I’ll show it to you.

Here is a shortened version of some private training I did with a woman I coach – whom I will call Erica - a woman who came to me because her team was not performing as well as she was, and she wanted to know what to do, etc.

She was ok with me sharing this with you.

Thank you, Erica! You rock!

So we started from basics, whom she was recruiting, whom she was looking for.

In a different training, I have a form, to encourage empathy, by having you describe your perfect prospective distributor avatar or new recruit.

The quick version is this:

Describe your ideal new distributor – just prior to joining or hearing about your opportunity.

What are her (or his) needs?

How old?

Describe them – age, kids, income, wants, secret desires, what keeps them up at night, what are they looking for?

(The form is much more detailed, but you get the idea – I’m guessing most of you have done this and/or taught it to your team anyway.)

Erica filled out the form and did a great job.

Here is part of it – bear with me and read it through, and look if you can see what was killing her business:

My Perfect Prospect:

40-60 yrs. old, earning $40,000 per year, female, married/separated, working part or full time, believes in eating healthy, taking care of the earth, likes gardening, walking in nature, yoga, reading, spirituality.

More detailed – condensed into one person:

52-year-old female, working, earning $45,000/year, but this does not cover all her needs. Tries to eat healthily and wants making healthy food to be easy, but often slips to eating packaged, processed foods to make life easier, has aging parents, concerned about their health and her own; they struggle with health and finance issues. She has flower gardens and grows a little food and herbs in the summer, uses eco/green products, shops at farmers markets, shops organic (when she's not pinching pennies), is interested in taking care of the earth and rural living but lives in the city in a small apartment. She goes to a yoga class once a week, when she can afford it, and a chiropractor occasionally, as she has a back that hurts sometimes but feels that she can’t afford his help, so she cancels her treatment. Her joints are feeling stiff lately, making gardening harder. She believes that eating healthy food would help her feel better but realizes that supplements would be a big help to her, but she thinks they are too expensive, and she can’t take the time to learn about them. She is someone who feels that her health could be out of her control – like her finances. She has two grown kids but still gives them money, and as a result, she is in debt and broke. She is turned off by MLM people and hates the idea of ‘Selling.’

I’m guessing many of you have met this prospect.

In some ways, they are good prospects if you are in a wellness program, as this person is definitely into wellness.

That is a given.

And if I met her, I would prospect her; however, clearly, there are two reasons why this person is NOT our ideal prospect.

First – let’s remember the idea is to describe your IDEAL prospect, right?



So here’s the rub.

I said to Erica, ok, here is what is going on.

You have looked at all of your new people; your subconscious has amalgamated your prospects and new distributors, and you have produced a version of them – the very people you are having challenges with.

The two problems being lack of funds (why would you desire that in someone?), and they think MLM is all about ‘selling’ – which in their mind means 'being pushy.'

Pushy salespeople don’t last, and that is the last thing that REAL selling is about.

Having said that, if you are really a network marketer – you honestly don’t sell – you let people buy – but that is a subject for another day.

Now, back to Erica and what we decided.

First, I said to Erica, 'You have the ability to desire and search for your ideal.'

Sure, there are lots of broke people without money. I was one of those when I got into this business.

I was broke, living in a rented room, and had two used suits.

But did I tell my sponsor that?

Heck no.

It amazes me that people tell you they are broke.

I saw the big picture and that I could make money, so I hid the fact that I was broke from my sponsor so he would treat me like someone who was starting at the higher level.

Again, that is a subject for another day.

I’m trying to say this – look for folks WITH some money (or the self-confidence to appear like it!); they exist.

You can help those without money if you wish, later when you are making good money.

But for now, think about this:

How would your team look to you if they all had a marketing budget?

Had the funds to attend learning conferences and trainings?

Could host parties or home receptions?

Again, I’m not against broke people – I’m against them being your target!

(And if you are broke, keep your poor financial profile to yourself until you are on stage, and then you can share it – that’s when it really can help you.)

Bottom line is this:

Re-create your ideal distributor as someone with some funds, who is not broke, and does not equate MLM with ‘pushy selling.’

There are so many good people out there waiting to hear your story – you don’t have to find broken and unhappy prospects. Build your avatar, and make it someone you would want to sponsor and who will become a leader in your business – like YOU!

Want to hear about Erica?

She went on and carried out a plan I had:

Teach what I taught her to her team – including the fact that her coach never revealed to anyone he was broke when he started MLM – teach them who their ideal distributor should be.

They turned the team training call into a fun exercise of creating someone in their mind whom they ‘saw’ as their new ideal recruit.

Reactions from her team – including the ‘broke ones’ were fantastic.

They saw the difference.

Erica will go far; I know that.

You can look at my books on my Amazon page, but today, why not reply to this email – it goes straight to me – and say 'hi.'

If you have not told me where you live and what program you are working – pls do.

I’m in the middle of a seminar tour in South America, (I am loving the heat and the nice people) so it will be nice to read some of your emails.



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