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A Good Question To Ask Yourself

A Good Question To Ask Yourself
A Good Question To Ask Yourself

I just wanted to spend a few minutes talking to you about the one issue that I think causes a lot of problems for people & stops too many people from getting started with something that can really make a difference in their life. It was the main issue that I had before I started my business in 2003.


The issue is the industry of network marketing.


When I think about it absolutely everyone wants at least one of the benefits that this industry promisesthings like extra income, better health, helping people, meeting a lot of new people and financial freedom, more time to do the things that are most important to themthere probably arent too many people whod say no thanks to the things on that list.


So if everyone wants those things why is it that everyone isnt doing network marketing?


There are obviously several reasons for that but they boil down to just 2.


The most important one by far is that theyve never heard of it. Thats right what Ive found during my 3 and a half years of networking is that most people I chat with really know very little if anything about the industry. In the beginning I had a very negative picture in my head about what would happen when I approached someone & mentioned network marketing. I imagined people sniggering, questioning my sanity or even being outright rude to me. Well, I was wrong and that really surprised me. Most people are curious these days and almost everyones open to taking a look at a way of making a bit of extra money.


So the 1st reason people arent doing NM is that they havent been asked to yet. And thats pretty exciting if youre looking to build a large company in this industry.


The 2nd reason is they dont like the idea of NM. In other words they have heard of it but for one reason or another they have a negative perception of the industry. 3 and a half years ago I was in this 2nd group. You see I thought I had more than enough understanding of the industry because of my own experience. Back in the late 80s I joined a companyand three months later I left that company. No-one else joined my teammind you I never asked anyone to join me so I suppose that had a lot to do with it. I could give you all sorts of excuses for my lack of success back then but basically I just wasnt serious enough about it.. and one thing Ive noticed in life is that when youre half hearted about something then it doesnt take many obstacles to show up before you give up.


So 3.5 years ago when I was asked by one of my clients to take a look at a network marketing business for myself I was not interested at all. I saw myself as a successful business coach within a major franchise, I was having my most successful year in business to date, sales were high and in fact our business had the highest sales in the country out of more than 70 franchiseesthe flip side of that of course being a traditional small business, was that I had no time to do anything else. So I guess you could safely say on a scale from 1 to 10 my interest was about 0.


Of course I really respected my clients, two amazing ladies who were themselves working 80 to 90 hours a week trying to get a corporate wellness business startup going in a very competitive markethuh, is there any other type? So I decided to take a look out of politeness really but with no intention whatever of actually doing anything. In fact I was so concerned I even put them in touch with a so called expert who I thought (mistakenly) had some vital information about the dark side of the industry. Thank goodness they didnt listen to that person because my two clients are now the highest income earners in our company in the country and among the highest in the world.


When I did take a look at this business something began to dawn on me. What I saw was the exact opposite of what I thought NM was. I thought it wasnt a real businessbut when I did my due diligence I found that in fact it was the only real business Id seen in 3 and a half years of business coaching.and you have to realize that in that line of work you talk to a lot of small business owners one on one several hundred a year. So what do I mean by a real business?


Well its pretty simple reallyIll use the definition that we used with our clientsa commercial, profitable enterprise that works without the owner. Imagine that for a moment. A business that operates profitably on its own without you having to be there. Or even better how about one where the profits keep growing even though you dont have to be there. This is the holy grail that all small business entrepreneurs dream about and how many actually realize that dream? Im not going to presume to answer that question because I dont know the answer, all I can go on is my experience of 5 years of talking with hundreds of owners which leads me to my opinion that its very rarebut please dont take my word for itgo find out for yourself.


What I realized was something so exciting I still have trouble sitting still when I think about it. This type of business gives all of us the same opportunity thats normally reserved for the owners of the very biggest businesses. Think about it for a momentbig businesses make profits (or losses) whether or not the owner turns up for work that week. They can do that only because they have created leveragenormally through the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of workers. They might profit a few cents at least from every hour that every employee works for example.


So how can the ordinary person get into that position where their business truly works independent of them? Well one things for certainany entrepreneur will have to learn a lot of things about their business and will probably need to get very good at what they do. So the question is how do they learn? The answer is a combination of two things their own experience and other peoples experience. Their own is called the school of hard knocks or real lifewhile others experience comes from mentors, coaches, books, tapes & courses. Either way you pay for the knowledge and sometimes as an entrepreneur you pay dearly.


With NM the rules change. Instead of paying to get the knowledge you need to succeed as an entrepreneuryou get paid to learn. You can be earning extra income that exceeds your expenses from your 1st month. Thats right, net positive cashflow, while building equity virtually from day 1.


Also to get into your own small business normally means quitting your day job & pouring your heart and soul into your new project for months, normally years before you start making a profit. Of course youll work crazy hours to make it workafter all quite often your house will be on the line. NM eliminates that huge risk. You dont have to quit your job at all because cleverly the systems allow you to build your company in a few hours a week.


So what I saw was not only a real business, but one that anyone could get into because the entry fee was so low and one where you get professional business and life coaching and mentoring from experts for free. Thats coaching that can cost 2000 a month or more in the rest of the business world.


So I have a question for you. Its the question I asked myself 3 and a half years ago and it led me to where I am todayhaving built an organization that sells millions of dollars of products in NZ & internationally, creates a good income for myself and many other people whether I personally work it or not.


The question is. Could you actually feel good about being involved in network marketing?


Now before you answer that question I want you to consider the consequences of your answer. If you answer YES, I could feel good about being involved in NM, then heres what can happen.


You can build a business of your own. A real business. A business that operates a highly sophisticated distribution system for world class products into many countries around the world. An international marketing and distribution business. A business with a very low, fixed overhead but which literally has to all practical extent, unlimited potential profits. A business with no employees. A business with no freight costs, no r&d costs, no advertising, no need for an expensive office. As I heard it described oncean invisible big business.


A business where everyone is incentivised to help each other become more successful.

A business where the only way for you to make a lot of moneyis to help other people make a lot of money.


A business that can set you free from the trading time for money trap in 2 to 4 years.


A business that can enable you to finally get the money thing out of the way so you can get to the things that really matterlike time with your friends, your family, your kidsyourself.


So think carefully before you answer the question.


If your answer is yes I think with what Im learning about the reality of this industry I think I could definitely feel good about being involved in something like that if thats your answer then congratulations & get ready for the ride of your life, because its all about to change!


Have fun.


















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