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2nd Income in the Philippines: The Rapid growth of MLM

2nd Income in the Philippines: The Rapid growth of MLM
2nd Income in the Philippines: The Rapid growth of MLM

2nd Income in the Philippines: The Rapid growth of MLM/Multi-Level Marketing

One thing is clear. MLM Is growing and will continue to grow as a viable source of income for millions of people around the world. It is now a 167 BILLION DOLLAR Business. YES!!! In fact TWO MILLION!!! Yes TWO MILLION people are involved with promoting MLM right here in the Philippines. These distributors represent almost every imaginable type of product and service you can think of!!!

And you should know right away. MLM IS NOT!!! a Pyramid Scheme. First off it does not even look like a Pyramid. You want to see a pyramid? Look at the traditional business model. Now THAT looks like a pyramid Scheme. MLM involves very little money to get involved and you can leave anytime you like. The sky is the limit with income. Try that in a traditional business!!! OH and it is shaped more like and DIAMOND LOL

There are many, many Successful Distributors here in the Philippines earning tens of thousands of DOLLARS monthly. In the States I know dozens of distributors earning $100,000 thousand dollar monthly. NO BULL!!! It won’t be long before the Philippines starts producing these types of huge monthly incomes.

Just this past week there was a Asian Networkers Convention Event held at the WTC in Manila and over 3,000 were in attendance. There was a prestigious panel of Speakers, Trainers and Consults to the business many of whom have authored numerous books, cd’s and video promoting training and education about this great business. It was so successful that the promoters will be back next year for the 3rd Annual Event. Awesome news!!!

In getting to the crux of this articles the facts are as follows…..Many expats that have retired over here are by and large on FIXED Income. While monthly income is limited and mostly fixed, costs and prices are rising with inflation. Many expats are also not taking proper care of their bodies and this can lead to increased medical expenses. Finally, many of these expats are involved with Filipinas that probably do not work but would love to have an income of their own which you would also benefit from.

One great solution would be in becoming a Distributor in one of the many MLM companies operating here in the Philippines. The process is simple. You sign up, purchase some product and then start promoting. Of course one very successful selling tool would be for you to become a true testimonial of the product itself. Perhaps you are heavy/overweight or have bad skin and you start using the products of a company in these product categories. Naturally you lose weight or your skin clears up and people compliment you on this and want to know how you did it. Simple enough!!!

You become a product of the product.

Following is a list of MLM Companies operating in the Philippines.

1BRO Global

4 Life Reserch Phils.

Aim Global



Bionutriwealth International Corporation

Business Empire

CF Wellness

Charmica Power Life Corporation

Classique Herbs Corporation

Custrich Healthcare Products.

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation

DXN International Private Ltd

Dynapharm International

Edmark International

Empower Marketing

Essensa Naturale

Felta Multi-mediac.



Filway Marketing

First Vita Plus Marketing Corporation


FM Group Fragrance

Frontrow Enterprise Philippines



Global Entrepreneurship Merchandising

Global Green Life

Global PINAS

Global Pinoy Remittance and Services

GMACS Cosmetic Distributor

GNLD International

Greenworld Woo Tekh Philippines

HB&W Marketing

Health and Wealth

Herbenna Stores

I AM RICH Wellness Product Enterprises

I-GEE System

International Marketing Group

LiCHAN International Co

LifePharm Global

Lifestyles Asia

Max International

Maxceemum Corporation

MIYO Marketing Systems

MMobile Technologies

ModelCoup International

Momentum Kinetics International

My Jinga Juice Incorporated

MyBeeWay Corporation

MyBeeWay Corporation


MyProtectLine Int’l Company

NBW5 Trading Corporation

New Image International

Nutribiz International



Powerline Global

Premium Health Provider International

QDynamics Global Corporation

Real Life Bliss International Corporation

Royale Business Club


Sante International

Sunrider Philippines

Supreme Wealth Alliance

Syntek Global

Technowise 360

Telepreneur Corporation

Tianshi Philippines


Triumph International

UBX Online

Unicity Network Philippines

Unlimited Possibilities World Marketing Corporation

Unlimited Power Matrix

UNO (Unlimited Network of Opportunities)

Victory Global

Vital C

VMobile Technologies

Waters Philippines

Winalite International


Zmartpro International

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at: 0927 300 6948 or mailto:[email protected] and please visit us at http://mlminsider.com

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