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10 Secrets To Earning A Million In Network Marketing

10 Secrets To Earning A Million In Network Marketing
10 Secrets To Earning A Million In Network Marketing

10 Secrets To Earn A Million In Network Marketing

Do you deserve to earn a million dollars in Network Marketing? This article highlights a 1 hour course taught by a famous millionaire and Network Marketer where he shares his secrets to earning a million dollars in the Network Marketing industry along with some of my own thoughts and experiences!

Are you tired of hours and hours of calling leads with no results? Tired of getting "no shows" to your appointments and getting rejected constantly? Are you frazzled and asking yourself "What's going on? Why isn't this working?"

Here are ten secrets for earning a million dollars in Network Marketing:

First, write down your IT, your WHY. What was IT that got you into Network Marketing? WHY did you look at Network Marketing in the first place? Something brought you here what was IT?

1] Self Belief: What happened from that IT? Your self belief went down and met your self doubt. You have to raise your income to match your dreams, not lower your dreams to meet your income. This is why 95% of people in Network Marketing are failing or have failed! You must believe in yourself! You have to believe that you CAN do it! Take the ceiling off of your income, the income potential in Network Marketing is UNLIMITED!

2] Fall in love with your phone: You have to love to contact people! Most people don't love their phone. It feels like a 10 ton weight when they try to pick it up. You need to learn to make the phone your best friend. Buying leads and loading them into an autoresponder and never speaking with anyone simply doesn't work by itself. There has to be personal contact involved! Make your phone your best friend!

3] Contact and Invite: Make contact and invite, don't make contact and "fire-hose" them with information! Treat the business with respect. If you treat the business with respect it will respect you. If you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business, if you treat it like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby.

You have to learn to invite people to your meeting, presentation or conference call. Be an information tour guide! If you are on the phone more than 90 seconds on each call you are never going to make it! Professionals sort, amateurs convince. Be professional!

4] Rejection: Get used to it and learn to love it! It's going to happen ALL the time! Remember that it isn't personal, they are rejecting themselves. The people you are talking with are thinking "This is too good to be true."

We are taught for (at least) 12 to 20 years of our lives that we are suppose to get an education and then go get a good job and support our family. We are simply never taught the right kind of knowledge to be successful in life! Now you are presenting them with an opportunity that can create freedom for them and they are disapproving of it.

You need to them to get to a level of approval inside themselves, if they don't reach that level you will be rejected. You must convert rejection into approval, then approval into application, then application into agreement, then agreement into distributor. Then you teach that person to model you and duplicate. Your business should have a system in place for all of this. People are not duplicable, but systems and processes are!

5] Slave camps do exist: It's called having a job. If you stop and really think about it, by following the standard belief system accepted by society you are leading the life of a drone. You get up, shower, eat, go to work for 8 (or more) hours, come home when your boss tells you it's ok to leave, eat, and relax a little before bed. Then you get up the next morning and start all over again. Kind of monotonous isn't it?

I was a slave until 2003 ... NO MORE! It's time to get your life to the next level ... seek freedom and be willing to pay the price! I guarantee you it's worth it!

6] Objections are awesome: You should be looking for people who will give you objections. Most Network Marketing people tell you to look for people who WON'T give you an objection, look for people who will sign up. This is wrong! An objection is simply a question or concern in disguise. People who give you objections are normally inquisitive, sharp, positive, aggressive, intelligent people. These are the people you want in your business!

You need to recruit UP, not DOWN. This will cause you to have to go outside of your comfort zone, but you need to do it if you want to achieve freedom. Get yourself around people who are making the big numbers you keep hearing about. Don't hang around the small fish that are only making a couple hundred bucks a month. Get yourself around the ones making 5, 6 and 7 figures each month! How can somebody who isn't actually doing it teach you how to do it for yourself? The answer is: They can't!

7] Work with strength: Don't waste your time with weak people. Work with your strong people. Too many people try to recruit easy people so they can say "I got one." This is dead wrong! If they are excellent, go after them. Don't keep building and building and building with weak people, you'll never get anywhere.

Find yourself strong people and work with them to grow their business and your business will grow and you will have more security in the long run. Don't fall into the rut of just signing up anyone and everyone. That's not what you want, you want strong people; leaders!

8] Freedom is in depth, not width: Identify your leaders and work with them. Too many people go wide when they need to go deep. It's impossible to support that many people. Picture your business as a building. How strong is it? The foundation on a building goes deep, not wide. The foundation for your business should replicate that. Take a look at your business, how strong is your foundation? Will it stand on its own if you turned around and walked away right now? Map out your group, identify leaders, replicate your business, find your depth and make it concrete.

9] Mentors: Do you have one? Do you have a Mastermind Team? Write down the 5 people you associate with every day. Ask yourself "Have these people earned over a million dollars in Network Marketing?" Do you have even one that has? At least one of these people must be a Network Marketing millionaire, preferably all of them. These are the people you need to get around ... NOW!

You must be around people who are where you want to be and stay around them. The major reason people don't get into Network Marketing is because of no time and no money. These are exactly the reasons they SHOULD be in the industry!

10] Decision: These are the most powerful 8 letters in the alphabet when put together. You must make a decision right now to change your life. You must decide to cutoff and release the past. How are you going to respond? Your past is robbing you of your dreams and of making 7 figures a year in Network Marketing. Your past is holding you back; your job, your associations, etc. You have to let them go if they are not getting you where you want to be!

My mentor says "It was your best thinking that got you to where you are today, obviously that wasn't good enough." Think about that statement, it's SO powerful! Your past has affected your life up to where you are right now. You must make the decision to cutoff and release the chains that are holding you back. You must make the decision right now to release and cutoff anyone you associate with who is not making 6 or 7 figures in Network Marketing. Then you must take the action!

Right now, make the commitment to change your life. Make the decision, take the action, and don't wait any longer! Nobody can make you do this but you. Today is the day!

About The Author


Lou and Robin Bonaventura have been Professional Network Marketers for 4 years. They attribute much of their success to personal development and continual learning. Visit http://www.SNGBlog.com and http://www.SuccessNetworkGroup.com for more insight into how personal development can benefit you.


Lou and Robin Bonaventura have been Professional Network Marketers for 4 years. They attribute much of their success to personal development and continual learning. Visit their Blog and Learning Centers for more insight into how personal development can benefit you.

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